Painting in Khayelitsha

had to abandon this one.

Our wonderful new friend Juma took David and I out to Khayelitsha for the day to paint a couple of pieces on the walls of a children’s centre.  Khayelitsha is a township that was established in 1985.  It’s about a 20 minute drive from the city centre.  Cape Town is such a strange mix of first world and third world existing in such close proximity.  The townships are overwhelmingly huge, way bigger than i imagined.  Wood shacks and small houses for miles.  Beautiful people living very hard lives.  Puts things into perspective.

I was working on the side of a creche and the woman whose yard I was standing in took issue with me standing there.  Community politics, nothing we could do about it.  Unfortunately this was as far as I got before I had to pack up and go.

The source image for this work was taken by Pavement Specials in Woodstock during I ART SA.

Some pictures I took while I was painting.  All the kids wanted their picture taken…

David painted a lovely piece while we were there….here are some pics on his blog.


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